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Parents Association Executive Board 2021-22 


Position Descriptions


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Yvonne Cortes

Tahira Bhatti-McClure


Co-Vice Presidents
AnneMarie Nasello
Kanokwan Sire



 MaryBeth Trommelen


Assistant Treasurer
Jeremy Goss


Recording Secretary
Laura Asmundsson


Assistant Secretary
Jeanette Cochrane


Community Involvement
Laura Beth Gilman
Erica Reaves
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Academic Forum Co-Chairs
Pamela Rytter
Amalia Delicari

Elly Eisenberg
Eric Kreitzer
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Freshman Representative

Jake Daehler


STUDIO REPS to the PA Executive Board


Art Studio Representatives
Susan Ferugio
Marie Wolpert
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Dance Studio Representatives
Courtney Potts

Heide Valero
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Music Studio Representatives


Anne Gregorio

Nan Hawley

Michael Capasso 

Marcee Smith 

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Drama Studio Representatives
Elizabeth Compo
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Technical Theater Studio Representatives
Louisa Chafee

Emily Steed
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We are still seeking volunteers for some committees

Ad Hoc Committees of the LaGuardia PA Executive Board

(unelected, non-voting members)
Ad Hoc Committees meet separately from the Executive Board but their chairpersons attend the EB meetings as non-voting delegates as needed. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact the chairs listed below.


Annual Benefit: Wendy Reimer
Auction Committee:

Donors Choose Liaison: 



Chair/Editorial: Kimberly Buckley

Facebook: Jessica Prior

Instagram: Kanokwan Sire

SNN Editor: 




Chair/Webmaster: Jill Stein

Lizanne Hart
Haewon Kye
Victoria Lessor

 Matthew Septimus


Chair: Ralph Buckley


Volunteer Coordinators

Kimberly Buckley

Jessica Prior


PA Executive Board elections are held each June except for the Freshman PA Rep position, which is elected at the first PA General meeting of the year in September.

Parent Representatives to the School Leadership Team (SLT)


2021–22 School Leadership Team (SLT) Representatives
Tricia Hayes Cole
Rachel Fremmer
Tai Hernandez McShane
Matthew Septimus

Sarah Finucane

Yvonne Cortes


School Leadership Team  (SLT)
The New York State Commissioner of Education has mandated that every school in the state have a School-Based Leadership Team (SLT), whose purpose is to further the excellence of education at the school through the mutual efforts of its core constituencies — students, teachers, parents and administrators – all of whom are represented on the committee. The LaGuardia Arts SLT usually meets once a month. The SLT is the policy-making arm of the school and engages in decision-making by consensus. Meetings are held 10 times during the school year during the late afternoon. Meeting schedules are determined annually in the fall.


SLT elections are held each June. The freshman rep to the SLT is elected at the first PA General Meeting in September.