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Originally delivered on 11/29/2021 9:33 pm

SUBJECT: Music Monday 11.29.21

Nov 22, 2021

                                 Click here -   Hill Country Watch Party

Due to an overwhelming response, the PA Music Studio will be partnering again with Hill Country Barbecue. The next Showcase will feature the LaGuardia Senior Jazz Band, directed by Kevin Blancq, on Sunday, December 19th at 2pm. Tickets will be $20 each, and with each ticket purchase you will receive a $10 meal voucher. Doors will open at 1pm for dining before the show starts.

Message from the Reps

We hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving break! Now is the time to get ready for all our upcoming Winter concerts.

The next general Music Studio PA meeting will be December 20 at 7pm.

Update on Music Studio Merchandise!

Sad to report, we are unable to sell merchandise at the December concerts due to LaG Admin concerns about the crowd our terrific swag attracts. HOWEVER, we will display all items and take orders both at the performances and via the QR code provided (image to the left). Please take a moment to check out our merchandise offerings and cross one gift, or many, off your holiday shopping list! 

In addition, we are creating an on-line store to sell these fantastic items, which we hope will be up and running by next week's concerts. Stay tuned for further announcements about how to access the store.

Don't Forget!

December 1:  Senior Jazz & Senior Band Concert 7-9:30pm (doors open at 6:30)

December 7: Winter Musicale #1 Junior Band, Intermediate Orchestra, Junior Jazz, and Treble Chorus 6-8pm (doors open at 5:30)

December 9: Winter Musicale #2 Percussion Ensemble, Intermediate Band, Junior Orchestra, Cantare 6-8pm (doors open at 5:30) 

December 14: Winter Musicale #3  Elementary Orchestra, Elementary Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Opera Workshop 6-8pm (doors open at 5:30) 

December 17-18: Winter Semi-Annual Concert (Senior Orchestra and Senior Choir) 7-9:30pm

December 21: Winter Gospel Concert 7-9:30pm

Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow, Nov 30 Set up Your Recurring Donation Now!

We are happy to announce recurring monthly donations to the Music Studio (and the PA) are now possible through PayPal. To set it up, click the Direct Donation link below or follow these instructions:

 Log into your MTK account, click on Ways to Give under the Donate & Volunteer drop-down menu, then on the underlined red link Donate to a specific studio (2 places on the page allow you to do that). The PayPal page that shows up is auto-filled to make a donation to the General PA, but there is a drop-down menu that allows you to designate the Music Studio. Below that box is the option to make your donation on monthly-recurring basis or, by leaving that box unchecked, the donation will be a one-time donation. 

You can select any amount you like to donate; all contributions gratefully received! 

Direct Donation

Blurb from Ben

The lotteries for show tickets have started. If you won Senior Band and Jazz Band lottery tickets, students can pick them up in the front lobby during their lunch period tomorrow Nov 30 and Wed Dec 1. Please check your email, and have your student check theirs for when lotteries open and close. Lotteries can only be entered with a students LaGuardia email.

Access to Live Streaming
To ensure that our students’ progress is accessible and celebrated, we will live stream each event. For productions that have multiple performance dates, we will live stream multiple performances if the performers are different (for example, if a play is double-casted with a different ensemble of students performing on different performance dates). Live streaming is available, free of charge, and free of restrictions, on our website at the time of the performance only. We invite all members of our community to join our live performances via live streaming.

Eligibility to Attend Live Performances
In order to be admitted into the building to attend a live performance, all audience members must

  • Wear a face covering

  • Complete the DOE Daily Health Screening questionnaire

  • Show proof of vaccination if age-eligible to receive the vaccine, OR proof the attendee is a New York City Department of Education public school student

Recognizing that many members of our community face financial hardship, we will not be charging an entrance fee. Families who are able, are welcome to contribute a donation to offset the cost of live performance and live streaming. We thank our partner at the Parent Association for their generous contributions to make live performances and live streaming possible.
Donations can be contributed at

We look forward to kicking off our live performance season!

Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Fogel is a LaGuardia High School veteran teacher - going on 26 years! We are so appreciative of his dedication to the Music Studio, and specifically to the instrumental students. He is a Queens native, and studied at Queens College. He is a trained drummer, with special interests in composing and arranging. Mr. Fogel teaches Music Technology and Percussion at LaGuardia. He enjoys composing original music for Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble. Mr. Fogel has been at LaGuardia for so many years because he is inspired by the students - their talent, open mindedness, and love of learning. He believes it's his job to share all types of music with students that they might never learn about. He likes to make his classes fun and tries to make students laugh as much as possible. 

Mr. Fogel recently recorded a new Album called "In the Nick of Time" that you can find on Spotify!

Your MTK Account

The Music Studio Board would like to provide information simultaneously to parents and students, so you will always be aware when we are e-mailing your child about something of potential interest. 

To help in this effort, please

  • Complete Step 2--Student Information of the Family Information portion of Membership Toolkit (Step 2 follows the Parent/Guardian information). All we need is your child’s name and e-mail address, graduation year, and Music major: Vocal or Instrumental.

As we know, teenagers would prefer to handle their own lives rather than having us tell them about things they can do … so thank you for providing your student’s contact information!

Help Keep LaGuardia Great!

The upcoming Music Studio events--the Senior Jazz and Band Concert, Winter Musicales, Semi-Annual Concert, and Winter Gospel Concert--will need volunteers. Become a volunteer today to support our students and staff all year long, not just at performances. Please make sure you have filled out your volunteer questionnaire on your Membership Toolkit profile. 

Sign up opportunities
Upcoming Events on the LaG School Calendar
Tuesday, November 30
7:00p PA Academic Forum Talk
Wednesday, December 1
12:08p Senior Showcase
7:00p Senior Jazz & Senior Band Concert
7:00p Senior Jazz and Senior Band Concert
Thursday, December 2
6:00p Planning for College: Grade 12, Introduction to NYS Aid Walkthrough
7:00p Hill Country Showcase Watch Party (virtual)
Friday, December 3
Blackout: Senior One Acts (Lobenhofer)
7:45a Fiorello Friday
5:00p Senior One Acts (Lobenhofer)
Monday, December 6
Professional Development Bell Schedule
Blackout: Junior Scenes (Evans)
Tuesday, December 7
6:00p Winter Musicale #1
6:00p Winter Musicale #1
Wednesday, December 8
Blackout: Senior One Acts (Stafford)
12:08p Senior Showcase
Music Studio Board Members

General contact:

Instrumental Co-reps: 

Anne Gregorio

Nan Hawley

Vocal co-reps: 

Michael Capasso

Marcee Smith

Corresponding Secretaries: Rebecca Rent and Rebecca Sherman

Recording Secretary: Joy Levinson

Treasurer: Barbette Leonard

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