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PA General Meetings


General PA meetings will be held at 6:00 or 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning in September and ending in June. In the event that a general meeting falls on the day of a school, legal or religious holiday or on a day that the Principal has declared is unsuitable for a PA meeting, the Executive Board will schedule an alternate date/time and notify the general membership of the change.


FREQUENCY: once a month

DAY: first Tuesday

TIME: 6 or 7 pm, alternating with Arts Studio meetings

LOCATION: Little Flower Theater (or other in-school space) and/or Zoom


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Academic Forum Meetings


Speakers, times and room assignments of the meetings will be announced in email blasts to the parent body.


FREQUENCY: once a month


TIME: 6 pm



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Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board meetings are open to all members of the PA as observers.


FREQUENCY: once a month

DAY: Tuesdays except as noted in bold.
TIME: 6-8 pm

LOCATION: Little Flower Theater (or other room at school) and/or Zoom


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NOTE: Dates and time are subject to change. Please check the PA calendar and the Sunday Night News for the latest updates.