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PA General Meetings


General PA meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each
month, beginning in September and ending in June, at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. In the
event that a general meeting falls on the day of a school, legal or religious
holiday or on a day that the Principal has declared is unsuitable for a PA meeting
the Executive Board will schedule an alternative date and notify the general
membership of the alternate day and time.

Please check the PA calendar and the Sunday Night News for the latest schedule updates.


Time: Once a month on Tuesdays starting at 6pm

Location: Zoom

Studio meeting locations are announced in email blasts to the parents.


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Academic Forum Meetings


The Academic Forum will be meeting once a month at 6 pm on the dates listed below. The speakers, times and room assignments of the meetings will be announced in the email blasts to the parent body.


Time: once a month at 6pm

Location: room assignments will be announced in email blasts


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Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board meetings are open to all members of the PA as observers.

All EB meetings are on Tuesdays except as noted in bold.


Time: once a month 6 - 8pm

All EB meetings are on Tuesdays except as noted in bold.

Location: Zoom


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NOTE: The dates above are subject to change. Make sure you check your PA email notices for confirmed date and time of meetings.



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