LaGuardia PA Appeal

Public school budgets continue to be cut and continue to affect LaGuardia students. The LaGuardia PA Appeal donations are used to fund school projects that that would not exist without your help. These are the types of things that the LaGuardia PA Appeal funds.

  • Graphing calculators, extra textbooks, a computer cart and computer, science lab equipment and supplies—just to name a few items.
  • Funding for the college office and college fairs. Assisting students who need help with college application fees, testing fees, and other related college application costs.
  • The audition process that allows LaGuardia to find the most talented and academically gifted students from all five boroughs in New York City.
  • Daily planners for each student.
  • Supplemental money for athletics. The PA was able to help our LaGuardia athletic department with repair or replacement of old equipment.

Donate to the LaGuardia PA appeal!

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