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COVID Reporting

Please see the steps to take when reporting a Positive COVID Case:

Step 1:  Notify your teachers.  And your Attendance Secretary:

             Drama, Fine Arts, and Tech 

             Dance, Instrumental, Vocal

Step 2:  Provide information for reporting to NYCDOH and Testing+ Tracing Corp.


  1. Date of last day student was present at LaGuardia:
  2. Date student tested positive for COVID: Positive Test Date Received is Day 0
  1. Type of test taken by student:
  2. Date of onset of symptoms (if any):


Attendance and Make Up Work Policy


Notifying the Attendance Secretary makes sure that the absence is recorded correctly. 


Students should follow the process each teacher has in place for absences, e.g. Google Classroom


The DOE is clear there is no ‘remote option’. 


Students should be mindful of their health and do schoolwork if they feel up to it.  Families and students should not add pressure for the student to keep up at the risk of taxing their bodies.


Teachers are very understanding of individual situations, and students should arrange a timeline for completing make-up work when they return.  The timeline will vary depending of how sick a child was.


Families Keeping Students Home Out of Caution


We understand this is a very stressful time and families are keeping their children home during this surge.  (See above.)


Students are not penalized for absences.  (Keeping a child home is not a long-term solution.)


This can feel overwhelming for everyone, not to mention the stress and fatigue.  Any/all questions to Allison Price, Parent Coordinator Price Allison -

Jill Stein on 1/9/2022 1:59 pm