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We are the parents of artists, actors, dancers, singers, instrumentalists, and theater technicians. Our children have unique talents and we support their dreams by giving our time, our money, and our boundless energy. Join the Parents Association and help support our children.


What's New At LaG?

5/23/2022 8:11 am


Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Late Wedding!

All performances are free! Join us for the final SDF of 2022, A Midsummer Night's Dream on Wed, Thurs and Friday May 25, 26 & 27 at the Little Flower Theatre. Shows begin at 6:45 PM, and will be livestreamed on Wed and Fri.

5/1/2022 3:41 pm

Spring Musicales

4/27/2022 9:26 pm

This Week at LaG!

Please join us for these fantastic and free
in-person events at school this week.

Senior Symphonic Band Concert
(click that day for ticket info/livestream/program)


Senior Art Show #3
FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 4:15-7:00 PM

Parent Engagement Gathering
(current families only)

Senior Jazz Band Concert
(click that day for ticket info/livestream/program)


4/10/2022 10:54 am

Concerto Concert

concerto concert

3/18/2022 6:54 pm

Spring Drama Festival

The annual LaGuardia Spring Drama Festival showcases our incredible seniors and the four years of training that only LaGuardia can provide!


2/18/2022 9:28 am

BSU Fashion Show


The BSU Fashion Show, A Wrinkle in Time, originally scheduled for 5:00pm today is rescheduled.  Please check back for more details.



2/12/2022 11:29 am

All Shook Up on NY1!





2/10/2022 9:05 pm

All Shook Up!

WHEN TO SEE THE SHOWS (Performance Dates)



How to see the shows!


Sunday, February 13, 2022, 12pm AND 5pm

Rock Cast: 12pm

Roll Cast: 5pm

Both performances will be live-streamed


Monday, February 14, 2022, 5pm

Rock Cast


Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 5pm

Roll Cast


Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 7pm

Rock Cast

Performance will be live-streamed


Thursday, February 17, 2022, 7pm

Roll Cast

Performance will be live-streamed


Live-Streams:  Four performances will be live-streamed at no cost and available to the public.  The link will be on the LaGuardia website:  Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to view and share the student’s hard work. And please share the link with anyone anywhere in the world who would like to join in celebrating this community event.


For more info..

2/1/2022 8:46 pm

Parents Association Meeting

General PA Meeting

Our next General PA meeting is this Wednesday, February 2nd at 7 pm via Zoom. Click here to preregister. This meeting will be recorded.

Please join us for updates about the school and upcoming performances, and to hear from members of the Black Student Union about their organization and what they have planned for Black History Month.

You'll find the agenda here, minutes from the January General PA meeting here and the PA's monthly financial report here.

We look forward to seeing you!

1/22/2022 10:13 pm

Regents Week Update

No Regents Examinations in January 2022


Next week, Tuesday-Friday, was originally scheduled by the State to administer Regents Examinations. The State canceled the administration, stating that The January Regents Exams cannot be safely, equitably, and fairly administered across the state. We will continue to work with our schools, districts, and stakeholders to ensure they have what they need to provide academic, social and emotional, and mental health supports for our students. 


It is in this spirit of providing LaGuardia students support that we have a special schedule of activities that provides a variety of opportunities for students to connect with their teachers and their peers, prior to starting the Spring Semester.


All students who are enrolled in Regents courses are automatically registered to take Regents Examinations in June when they complete the course. (January Regents Examinations are for students who need to makeup or retake an exam.)  Regents Examinations fulfill graduation and diploma requirements and do not have a fee associated with the examinations. At this time the Regents Examination cancellation is ONLY for January 2022. 

Monday, January 24, 2022, is a Conference Bell Schedule


This coming Monday, students will attend their fall semester periods 1-10, following the shortened Conference Bell Schedule of 8:00am-2:48pm. The weekly allotment of two At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits is distributed in the lobby at the end of 8, 9, and 10th periods.


Tuesday, January 25-Friday, January 28, are Special Activities Schedules


  • The Regents Week Special Schedule shows activities for the week by grade - each grade is on a different tab.

  • Every morning before 10am, all students are required to complete the Google Form Regents Week Check In using their account to be marked present for the day - even if they are not in the building.

  • Participation in certain activities is required, such as: 

    • Guidance Post-Secondary Planning Sessions

    • Studio evaluations, rehearsals, and work calls

    • 9th and 10th grade City-wide Math and English Growth Assessments 

  • Participation in certain activities is optional, such as: 

    • Academic Support

    • Open Gym

    • Open Studio 

  • Communal spaces will be open:

    • The 5th Floor Cafeteria will be serving Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch

    • The 6th Floor Library will be open

  • Spring MetroCardS will be distributed by grade on the day students are attending their Guidance Post-Secondary Planning Session. The Metrocards will be active beginning Wednesday, February 2.

  • The weekly In-School PCR Testing will take place during Regents Week.

Clarification on CR Selection


The DOE Policy states: When schools transitioned to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the NYCDOE implemented the parent/guardian choice policy which gave parents/guardians the option to replace their student’s passing final grades with ‘CR’ (credit) to avoid penalizing students for a drop in performance for factors beyond their control. This policy remains in effect for high school students to provide safeguards as students and families continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and manage other out-of-school challenges. 


A parent/guardian (NOT a student) completes the CR Selection Request Form for each passing final grade they wish to replace with a CR. You CANNOT select a CR for a 55, NX, or marking period progress grade. We advise that families discuss with their guidance counselor prior to making the decision to select CR; colleges review the entire transcript and use grades as evidence of progress and persistence through challenges.


Seniors:  Only CR Selections requested by January 30, 2022, will be reflected on the transcript sent to colleges as part of the Mid Year Report.

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